Twitter font generator copy and paste TechMeOut Son Nguyen

How do you change the font on twitter,

Step 1: Prepare text on Twitter normally you only have 140 characters. After you’ve finished writing, copy the text.

Of course there is a way to write twice as much as 280 characters. I will guide you in the next lesson.

Many great fonts for twitter

Step 2: Enter TechMeOut paste the above copied text into the input box. The system will create many great fonts and personalities.

font generator for twitter

Step 3: Click the copy button with the font you like best. In case you do not see the appropriate font, click on the load more button to have more choices.

twitter font generator style change

Step 4: Go back to the Compose new Tweet screen, paste the text that was created from unicode. Keep in mind that some cases of characters may increase, you just need to correct the words so that the number of characters is sufficient. Finally press “Tweet” and feel the result.

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Wonhowto Shutdown timer windows 10

When you are running a program or downloading a movie that takes a lot of time, setting the computer off automatically after completing the tasks will help protect your computer.

Or when you need to set up to turn off a series of computers after the end of working in the company automatically will help reduce the electricity for that company.

Here are ways to turn off a simple automatic computer that you can apply to Windows 10, 8, 7, even windows xp operating systems.

Turn off the computer after downloading with IDM

Step 1: Click on the clock Scheduler icon then click Create new queue

Wonhowto shutdown windows timer

Step 2: After creating the scheduler, check the box Turn off compuuter when done

Wonhowto shutdown windows timer by idm

Step 3: Go out of IDM’s main screen to have the files loading, select those files then right-click and choose move to queue and choose the queue by the name you set in the previous step

wonhowto windows timer by idm set up queue

Step 4: And when you want to start installing this schedule, click on the drop down icon and select Start Schedule as shown below

In case you accidentally choose the wrong file or have not selected all the files to download, just select it again and tick delete from queue.

Wonhowto windows timer by idm delete queue

Son Nguyen
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Windows 7 how to print screen

Detailed instructions on how to take a screenshot of windows 7 using 2 tools available in the computer, not everyone knows the key print screen (Print Scr) and the snipping tool

windows 7 how to print screen

You can use the software to take a screenshot of your computer screen, but you can simply take a screenshot of your computer with 2 ways to capture a screen image of your Windows 7 computer without using the software.

How to capture windows 7 screen

Method 1: Use the Print Screen key (Print Scr)

To be able to capture a computer screen with the Print Screen key, you can combine the Fn + Print Screen or Alt + Print Screen keys depending on the computer.

After taking a screenshot of the computer screen on win 7, we open the paint software to get the image. Or you can use Word, Outlook

Note: If you do not know how to open the side, you can see how to open the paint

After opening the paint software, press Ctrl + v to get a picture of the computer image.

To save, press Ctrl + S or go to the small triangle icon and select Save.

You choose the location you want to select, OK.

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3 ways to enter Safe Mode on Windows 10 2019

Detailed instructions on how to go into safe mode on win 10 3 common ways and also the case of BOOT IN WINDOWS ERROR

How to safe mode for windows 10

  1. “Summon” the legendary F8 button again

By default on Windows 10 you no longer have access to Safe Mode from the boot screen as on previous versions, but if you want, you can still bring this option back. Right-click on the Start Menu button> select Command Prompt (Admin), press YES if there is a dialog box appear, then type / copy the following command line to paste: bcdedit / set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy and press Enter.

If you do not want to use this option anymore, you also access the cmd application with Admin permission, enter / copy the following command line: bcdedit / set {default} bootmenupolicy standard and press Enter.

  1. Fine-tune the system settings with System Configuration

This way you simply don’t have to touch the command line and it is appropriate that you only need to access Safe Mode unexpectedly to remove viruses or remove some stubborn application for example. Press Windows + R key combination, in the window that appears, type msconfig and click OK.

In System Configuration, you switch to the Boot tab, under the Boot Options section, select one of the four available options, including:

  • Minimal: Enter Safe Mode with the minimum number of drivers and services but still use the familiar Windows graphical interface.
  • Alternate Shell: If you are proficient in Command Prompt, you can choose this mode.
  • Active Directory Repair: Enter Safe Mode with access to specific information on the computer, such as hardware devices. If you don’t successfully install new hardware, such as Active Directory, Safe Mode will be used to restore system stability by repairing corrupted data or adding data to the directory.
  • Network: Enter Safe Mode with the necessary services and drivers for networking, using the Windows graphical interface.

If you are not fluent or find trouble by doing so, just option Minimal is “enough” with many cases of access to this mode already. After selecting, select Apply and Ok, the machine will ask whether to restart immediately or if the machine will automatically enter Safe Mode the next time you start.